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Entrepreneurship Open Course 2 - BP and Pitching

***Ex-Google, Microsoft Pitching Coach comes to UCL tomorrow!*** Join us this Wednesday night for an informative open course on writing BP (Business Plan) and improving your pitching skills! (Language - English) ———————————————————— TOPICS: Business Plan Basics Business Plan Structure Example of good BPs & Pitching Theory How to conduct a good pitch to VCs Share your pitch with our coach ———————————————————— SPEAKERS: Steve Morris, senior pitching coach from Amplify Presentations Ltd, helping corporate, startups and charities communicate their stories. CEO team of The Sozo, board member of Kahaila Ltd. Ginny Radmall, ex-pitching coach of Google, Salesforce and Microsoft, story-telling coach of Techstars, currently pitching coach at Amplify Presentations Ltd Xiaoguang Wu, CEO of Anteyshine, specialises in strategic consulting and marketing, initiated 5 projects within 11 years ———————————————————— JOIN THIS EVENT: Go to CBIS’ Union Page and purchase our membership, we will check it before the event starts. ———————————————————— 在第一场Innovation创投公开课后, CBIS将在2.12日开办创投公开课第二节,我们将为大家带来关于创业成功的关键—商业计划书(Business Plan)和项目推销能力(pitching skills)的详细讲解,为3.15 的Viva创新创业大赛参赛者打下扎实的基础。 一份出色的BP对一个正在创业中的新兴公司意味着什么? Airbnb,通过提供全球民宅民宿租赁服务,成为了共享经济界的领先公司。成功的背后,是一份仅有14页的商业计划书,简洁明了地阐明了其商业模型和能够解决的问题的。而正是凭借着这份BP,Airbnb发展成了如今250多亿美金市值的公司,并且形成了其独一无二的经济模式。 什么是商业计划书(Business Plan)? “商业计划书是公司、企业或项目单位为了达到招商融资和其它发展目标,根据一定的格式和内容要求而编辑整理的一个向受众全面展示公司和项目目前状况、未来发展潜力的书面材料“。

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