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Entrepreneurship Open Course 1 - Funding

We are thrilled to have Dongwei Wu and Tony Xu with us for the first Entrepreneurship Open Course! Dongwei is going to share his entrepreneurial journey together with an introduction to financial markets. Tony will talk about the opportunities and challenges he has faced becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Course Language: English

Date: Thursday, 6 February 2020 from 19:00-21:00

Address: Room 505, 25 Gordon Street

Topics Covered: 1. Where should you seek for your first start-up funding? 2. How does VC operate? 3. What do you need to prepare to receive your first funding? 4. What challenges/opportunities have you experienced through becoming an entrepreneur? 5. How do you apply your major knowledge into real-world applications?

Please make sure you have purchased the CBIS membership on the UCL Union Shop. Starting from Feb 2020, CBIS membership card is required to attend all our events. Link below:

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