Instinctive resistance to conformism, is the label of all college students.This leads to the constant innovation of the society.


As an entrepreneurship community for college students, CBIS invites interesting and informative new entrepreneurs to share their experiences of entrepreneurship and provide relevant start-up knowledge,then inspire students with different ideas and break inertial thinking, and to help them dare to face the challenges and put it into practice.



College students who are eager to start their own business never lack fresh ideas, but they need not only to explore the practice, but also to interpret and consider about the experience of predecessors.


Insight is a series of activities aiming at sharing hardcore technical knowledge, inviting large unicorn companies to analyze the connotation of the enterprise from a professional perspective, and therefore building a tight framework of business knowledge.



Before students start to implement their unique business ideas, CBIS provides a platform for simulation and demonstration.


Through diversified games and activities, such as business competition and Investor Game, inviting expertsfrom different industries to serve as mentors and give professional and targeted advice.


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