About CBIS.

"Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish."

Chinese Business Innovation Society (CBIS) is an entrepreneurial community jointly built and promoted by students from University College London (UCL) who seek to change and innovate.


CBIS gathers passionate, responsible young people, through seminars, panels company visit, business forums, other kinds of activities to realize the mutual connection between students and entrepreneurs and innovative cooperations.


We build and enhance the Chinese entrepreneurial atmosphere at UCL and other universities in London while improving student’s understanding and capability to innovate. We also foster entrepreneurial projects that will have a positive effect on social development.

The executive member of CBIS are responsible for maintaining and developing the relationship between CBIS and entrepreneurs, and also investors, providing opportunities for students with entrepreneurial ideas to learn and communicate with successful entrepreneurs, innovation corporations and incubators.


We provide a platform for student entrepreneurs to share dreams and make friends with like-minded partners. On the way to realize the entrepreneurial dream, we will be partners of entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs in school, accompanying them to achieve the breakthrough from zero to one.



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CBIS Committee 2019-2020

President: Edison Xiong

Vice President: Una Qian

Treasurer & Head of administration: Fitz Ma

Head of Event: Nicky Zhao, Jimmy Jin

Head of Marketing: Ivy Rong, Yue Zhou

Head of Business Development: Sylvia Sun

Two years, from eight Co-founders to thirty-seven youth who share the same dream. CBIS is growing ' from zero to one ' at its own pace. Every step we take is writing down the history of CBIS.

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